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Jamie Muddiman Fraser

Meet Your Researcher

I'm a Genealogy Researcher and Heritage Site Consultant currently based in Maricopa County, Arizona. Having moved here in 2016 from Gloucestershire, England. I have 19 years genealogical experience with records in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. In particular, but not limited to, the Mid-South United States, bridging the gap for Americans through their immigrant ancestors to England, and Tewkesbury, England Baptists (1623-1804). I am a current member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. For more information please check my affiliations.

My first experience with Genealogy was in the Summer of 1996. I had simply grown curious of two infant burials behind my house. Researching online was still fairly new, for those who used it at all. I wasn't one of them. I spent months in the local library finding my way around their local history and genealogy search room.  Many
genealogists start by researching their own family. For me, it was five years after I began researching the infant burials when I would start researching my own family. My personal journey has been a thrilling adventure and mystery! I have a great deal of pride for my ancestors that I share with 200+ cousins, located during my search. We are very lucky to be in daily contact, something we believe would please our ancestors. Our farthest relation known to date is 8th cousin twice removed, the common ancestor is in 1688. My paternal line is traced to 1504

England while my maternal line is currently 1790 Ireland. My increased curiosity means I continue to dig deeper in my own family whenever an opportunity arises. 

I am passionate about family and fully believe that knowing your history is a 'magical' and amazing comfort. Everyone has a family history to be discovered that is completely unique. Each built on the sacrifices, lessons and triumphs of those who carried the family name before you. Learning about your ancestors can instil a sense of pride, personal reward and provide family stories to pass on to the next generation. I believe that every family, every home, every town, has a story to tell. That if we embrace the legacy left by our ancestors we will find, not just their identity, but our own.
I believe in involving clients in their research as much - or as little - as they like and aim to present their project in an easy to follow package. I also believe that Genealogy should be understood and available to every person. Therefore, I aim to avoid unnecessary 'lingo' and 'jargon' confusion. I answer every question the best of my ability, assuring that each person is clear on the results. Those things that do need 'jargon' terminology are explained for each client. So they too can experience the fascinating world of Genealogy.

To offer the best quality results to my 
clients I continue to develop my skills through regular training, conferences, and networking. I currently offer services for to: Families and Individuals - helping with the one-off requests, developing genealogies, family tree prints, and family history books. Businesses - producing biographies on prior occupants/owners, interesting characters, and the building itself. Typically for display to customers and promoting local history. Museums and Heritage Sites - researching exhibits, properties, genealogies, biographies, as well as talk and guide services.

Prior to becoming a professional researcher I had a successful career with both United States and United Kingdom government. Under this umbrella, I served eight honorable years on active duty in the United States military as a Cryptologic Communications Technician and Training Coordinator. Including active roles in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. I spent four years in simultaneous roles of IT Network and Communications Systems Administration, Access Control Authority, Telecommunications Manager, Training Development Manager,  and Website Design.

My degree course work was toward a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Web Design with the University of Maryland University College - Europe. 

I met my Australian husband in the U.K. in 2008. We have been married for 7 years and live in Chandler with our 6-year-old son.

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