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Inheritance Package

We all inherited something from our family generations of the past. Our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on. Our genetic code is as unique as your personal Inheritance package will be. This package of lineal research is exactly what it sounds like. You will receive research about your relatives who directly passed down some of the very genes you carry today. The Inheritance Package is for those who would like ONLY their direct bloodline genealogy researched. 

Reasons to choose this package:

  • you want to know about your family but don't really know which direction to go or where to start

  • for those just beginning to show an interest

  • leaving room to grow the tree even larger at a future date

  • you want to know about your direct bloodline relatives only

  • you are purchasing the package as a gift.

Payment details:



  • a deposit equal to 50% of contracted hours due before any work begins

  • you will be billed in regular increments agreed upon in your contract.

  • increments will be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, every six-weeks, or quarterly

  • your due date is chosen by you

  • researcher fees and additional costs will be billed to you

Notes for consideration:



This is not a project that includes extended family members. You should keep in mind they may or may not hold a key that your direct bloodline does not. Undoubtedly, there is always a chance that some extended family will end up on your tree but these members will not be the focus of any research.​

Rate of Discovery?

Approximately 31 years per hour researched, per individual for the first 180 years. 

Who will be researched?

You can request your maternal or paternal side. Your direct bloodline relatives only.

How far back does the research go?
You will set the limits on your project by selecting the starting person (usually yourself) and how many generations to the past you would like (You can also set an hour or monetary limit).


What will be researched? 
The standard research for each individual includes, but not limited to: Name, Spouse(s), Date of Birth, Marriage and Death, Place of Birth, Marriage and Death, Addresses lived at, Occupations held and If they served in the military.

What you get upon completion
On completion, you will receive at a minimum a Pedigree chart, Ahnentafel Report, Genealogy Report, Individual Family Group Sheet for each family, a person-to-person relationship for you and your oldest found relative, and all supporting documentation. You can request any other charts and reports you would like in addition to those provided. Remember you can personalize the display of colors, fonts, and titles.

You will receive two versions of your final project; hard copy and soft copy. Soft copies are typically pdf files, file transfer, website detail, and disks.  Hard copies are typically printed versions of your reports and files, canvas family trees, large paper scrolls, and archival books. Availability options for both hard and soft copy will be discussed with you before they are provided.


      Sample Image of Canvas Family Tree Print                                Sample Image of Archival book

The below images are samples of a lineal ancestry tree to show you the family path and versions of the above reports. They belong to other families and to prevent duplication have been slightly degraded for display online. Your own charts will be a better quality. To see the description, click the image and enlarge, use the arrows to scroll. 

Inheritance Package Inclusion Samples:

Possible Supporting Documentation Samples: