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New Generation Package

The New Generation Package is for all those who want a quick, here-and-now, direct answer.

Reasons to choose this package:

  • you are on a budget

  • you are doing your own research and just need some help

  • you want to request one specific thing

  • you only want to order certificates

  • you only want to order military records

  • you want to locate and/or have a photograph of a specific burial

  • you want to know about your family but don't really know which direction to go or where to start

Payment details:

  • full payment is due before any work begins.

  • unforeseen  and/or additional costs will be billed to you weeekly.

Rate of Discovery?

Since there are a variety of requests I'm unable to tell you how long this package will take.

What will be researched? 
When you make your request this can be discussed with you. The variety of requests means that each result of the option is different.

What you get upon completion: 
Availability options for both hard and soft copy will be discussed with you before they are provided. However, you will receive the original documentations on your project.

Below are some sample images of what you could receive on a New Generation package. They belong to other families and to prevent duplication have been slightly degraded for display online. Your own documentation will be of better quality. To see the description, click the image and enlarge, use the arrows to scroll.

New Generation Samples:

Note:  The results of Genealogy Research can not be guaranteed by any researcher. While every effort will be made in some cases the information is not available.

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