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 The BBC heard about our project!  -  28  January 2016

Most commonly known about me as a local researcher is my involvement with the John Moore Museum. I volunteer my time on the Old Baptist Chapel project for which I'm very passionate about. One of the Old Baptist Chapel families is the Hart family. They are chairmakers of the local town who gain attention once it's known they are related to William Shakespeare. Here is a clip from the BBC visit to my beloved burial ground. 

See update on my blog!

 Veterans and Military Families!  -  06 November 2015

As with every year, there is a Miltary and Veteran Family special for the Veterans Day time period. While you can have a 20% discount on researcher fees all year - any project contracts signed 6-16 November 2015 are going to receive a 40% discount on researcher fees. I hope this extra incentive can help inspire you to begin the family research for your family.

 Halloween Treat Wheel!  -  1 9 October 2015

I'm very excited to offer you a chance to learn just that bit more about your family tree. You will find a wheel of Trick-or-Treat under the Halloween page. There are 6 different prizes up for grabs until 1 November.

The prize treats are:
A Free Consultation - A Starter Project - A Gift Voucher - Research Services - A BMD Certificate - A Project Discount. (Terms and Conditions apply.)

Stop by and spin the wheel!

 New Genealogy Starter Project!  -  18 October 2015

A few months we had to cancel the 4 generation starter project. After plenty of discussions and alternative reviews, I'm pleased to announce the genealogy starter project is back!

The new starter project is even better than the previous version. There are 5 generations  - that's a whole generation more - 16 additional ancestors. Plus a high-quality canvas print family tree chart for you to share and display. 

All in time for the holiday season!  


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