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Perfect Abundance Package

You've decided you want to learn everything about your family. By choosing the Perfect Abundance package you are including your lineal and collateral family, in fact, you are going to include relatives so far distant you are actually UNrelated! The Perfect Abundance Package is the full Family History Choice!

Rate of Discovery?

Approximately 5 years per hour researched, per individual for the first 180 years. 
Who will be researched?

You will automatically receive research on both your maternal and paternal sides. Including your lineal and collateral relatives. Even a few ancestor in-laws, should they appear.

How far back does the research go?
You will set the limits on your project by selecting the starting person (usually yourself) and how many generations to the past you would like, and how many degrees collateral. (You can also set an hour or monetary limit).


What will be researched? 
The standard research for each individual includes, but not limited to: Name, Spouse(s), Date of Birth, Marriage and Death, Place of Birth, Marriage and Death, Addresses lived at, Occupations held and If they served in the military. PLUS such things as: Newspaper Articles, Criminal Records, Military Records, Baptisms or Christenings, Divorce Records, Photographs, Associations/Clubs and more!                       

Reasons to choose this package:

  • for those who would like a complete family tree

  • for a family reunion

  • when you don't want a genealogy project, you want a Family History project

  • you want to know more than their names you want to know your family story

  • you are purchasing the package as a gift

Payment details:



  • a deposit equal to 50% of contracted hours due before any work begins

  • you will be billed in regular increments agreed upon in your contract.

  • increments will be quarterly; however, more frequent payments can be arranged if you like

  • your due date is chosen by you

  • researcher fees and additional costs will be billed to you

Notes for consideration:



The gem to this package is it is the only one to allow you to read the story about your family. A Narrative your children or grandchildren can read without the rigid formalities of the genealogical forms.

This is a long-term project without a quick turn-around. However, the results of the research are completely worth the patience and investment.

What you get upon completion
On completion, you will receive at a minimum a Pedigree chart, Extended Family Tree chart, Ahnentafel Report, Genealogy Report, Kinship Report, Individual Family Group Sheet for each family, a person-to-person relationship for you and your oldest found lineal relative, plus an Individual Timeline for each of your lineal relatives and all supporting documentation. You also receive a Story Narrative for your family story. You can request any other charts and reports you would like in addition to those provided. Remember you can personalize the display of colors, fonts, and titles.

You will receive two versions of your final project; hard copy and soft copy.Soft copies are typically pdf files, file transfer, website detail, and disks.  Hard copies are typically printed versions of your reports and files, canvas family trees, large paper scrolls, and archival books. Availability options for both hard and soft copy will be discussed with you before they are provided.


      Sample Image of Canvas Family Tree Print                             Sample Image of Archival book

The below images are samples of a Perfect Abundance Package and versions of the above reports. The Perfect Abundance Tree is so large in fact that it could not be displayed. However, a lineal and collateral tree are shown. They belong to other families and to prevent duplication have been slightly degraded for display online. Your own charts will be a better quality. To see the description, click the image and enlarge, use the arrows to scroll.

Perfect AbundancePackage Inclusion and Supporting Documentation Samples: