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Price List

Clients are responsible for hourly researcher fees plus additional costs. Unless purchasing a gift package or has a promotional offer. These fees will vary depending on the requested information and current cost at your desired location. As my clients usually are in the U.S. or U.K. I am providing a list for each country. While they are the same value I hope this helps with your conversion needs. This also ensures that the rate you are charged won't change daily with the exchange, so you don't have to worry about your invoice. 

U.K. Price List
U.S. Price List

Researcher Fee, per hour


Deposit, per project


Story Narrative


Project Transcriptions, small page

£2.50 each

Project Transcriptions, large page

£6.00 each

Certificates; Birth, Marriage and Death

£9.25 each

Document Copy, per page


Historic Photographs (at cost to obtain)

up to £10

Researcher Photograph, Online/Digital Transfer


Researcher Photograph, Printed

£3.00 each

Military Records


Private Tutoring, per hour, up to 3 hours - 1 person


Private Tutoring, per hour for each additional hour - 1 person


Multiple person and group discount availble for tutoring

Please Ask

Speaker, per hour + travel


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