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Military and Veteran Family Discount

Clients who sign up with our Military and Veteran family discount will save 20% on researcher fees.

This rate only applies when requested on initial sign up with Relative Theory Genealogy. Clients who do not sign up with this program at initial sign up will not be able to claim the discount. 

However, for those who do not use this rate to sign up they will be entitled to a 
one-time discount after notifying Relative Theory Genealogy. This discount will apply to the invoice issued directly after notification. 

If Relative Theory Genealogy discovers military and/or veteran ancestors in the direct bloodline of the client on contract then that client is entitled to a 
one-time discount. The discount will be applied to the invoice issued directly after discovery.

The discount does not apply to travel and transport fees, document and photograph fees, archive and access fees, postage and packing fees or 

Limited to one military/veteran discount per family. This offer is not valid with any other offer.

Code: MVFP144

Old Baptist Chapel, Tewkesbury 


Descendants of the families who were members of this historic chapel in Tewkesbury, England during 1611 - 1804 are able to claim a full research discount for that specific ancestor.

This only applies to that specific ancestor and does not extend tot he ancestor's household or extended family members, unless they were also members of the chapel during the years specified.  

This offer also applies to the families who lived in the private cottages formed in the ends of the chapel. These families must have been the first or last residents of the 
properties immediately following the 1804/1805 conversion to qualify.

Relative Theory Genealogy works in association with the John Moore Museum and all families must make contact with us to be vetted and qualify for the research. 

All research done for these families is done to enhance the history of the historic building. Therefore, information
by Relative Theory Genealogy can be used for this purpose. Information provided by families is owned by them and would require written permission for use. 

There is no limit to how many ancestors per each individual / family Relative Theory Genealogy will assist with on this heritage program offer.


Code: OBC12110

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