The Jones Family Fortune

Today's mystery: The Jones Family Fortune

In February 1984, the name of Mr. and Mrs. Jones and their third daughter Miss Jones were part of a public notice for the intended application to remove their remains from the at-the-time burial. This is a mystery in itself and a story for another day.

You see the mystery today is this. In April 1911, Miss Jones died a spinster at age 67. She left behind what would be valued today at £457,397.55 (GBP). She had been living 'by her own means' for several decades prior to her death. Curious of where this money came from I followed her trail back, as you do.

In April 1871, Miss Jones while living on her own, worked at the local shoe shop of a small English town. Hardly seemed possible to think the pay would produce such a sum.Yet, Miss Jones no longer worked as of 1881. So, I continued to follow the trail of Miss Jones back, which eventually led me to Mr. and Mrs. Jones, her parents.

Back in 1841, her father was a cordwainer, her mother did not work outside the home. Sadly, Mr. Jones would pass away in 1852 leaving no large estate for his family consisting of a wife and 6 children. A widowed Mrs. Jones began working as a dressmaker to support her family. As they grew the children too took on paid work.

When Mrs. Jones passed away in 1880, she left an estate worth £439,552.39 (GBP) today. The aha moment! Miss Jones must have received her 1881 fortune from her mother's estate. But wait a minute... Where did a dressmaker get that large estate?

So the mystery continues to another day ....