The Reverends Jones

Remember the Jones family? Well, let's forget about them for now, this story is about another family ... the Jones family! I'll try to explain. You see, there are six Jones family members buried together. Three are from Jones family #1 and three are from Jones family #2. They appear to be unrelated families. Who just happened to live in the same small town, attend the same church and all buried there. Today's Jones family was supposed to be a story about the well regarded Rev. Samuel Jones. Only, as it turns out, there is very little information available for the Reverend. What have I found? The family are of a non-conformist background in London. Samuel arrived in the small Gloucestershire town in 1796, with his wife Ann and their three children. Samuel was 'received' into the church as an ordained man upon his arrival. The three Jones children, and two additional children born after the family's arrival, were all baptised in the Upper Independent Non-conformist church on 26 June 1800. Even though some of the children had previously been baptised elsewhere. Mrs. Ann Jones (not to be confused with her daughter, Miss Ann Jones) was baptised on 20 October 1805, although she had also been baptised before, as a baby in Scotland. Yet, with as much as I could find on Mrs. Jones and the children, Rev. Jones seemed to remain a mystery. While reviewing the minute book of their local church I found an entry for Rev. Samuel Jones... WOOHOO... I was excited! Finally, something to work with on old Rev. Jones, right? WRONG! This Reverend Samuel Jones was recorded in the minute book nine years before the birth of our Rev. Samuel Jones. While surely a birth year can be off some years this was not a birth. This was a third, yes a possible third, adult Reverend Samuel Jones. Confused, yet? I hope not... You see, it seems there was a second Rev. Samuel Jones in town who was well respected and documented teaching man, almost 30 years before our Rev. Jones. Which also happened to be many years before the second Rev Jones appeared in the Minute Book. Current working theories... 1. A Rev. Samuel Jones is the son of a Rev. Samuel Jones.... 2. Rev. Samuel Jones #2 was also #3 and changed faiths and churches.... So far there is no evidence to say one way or the other. Also, in case you are wondering there is no current evidence known to reflect that Rev. Jones #2 or #3 were related to the Jones Family #1. Gotta love small towns!