Lost little girl?

Things are never as quiet as they seem around here. I was reviewing some notes from a gentleman in Sussex yesterday and as I moved along through them something caught my attention.

Was it that his great-grandfather remarried within a year of his wife's death? Was it that his great-grandfather's new bride was 22 years younger than him? Was it that his great-grandfather's youngest child with his great-grandmother was 20-years-old when he had a new baby with his new bride the following year? Was it that his great-grandfather was 60-years-old when he had this child?

Somehow, No. It is all very interesting of course but what caught my attention was the fact that his great-grandfather and his new wife died at the same place on the same day.

Tonight, I found that they were two of many civilian casualties of WWII V-1 attacks on Croydon. At 5.55pm on 11 July 1944, 12 victorian houses on their street were demolished and severe blast damage to surrounding property. There were 5 casualties among them. So while the research on this devastating story continues our mystery is: What happened to their little girl who would have been 6-years-old at the time? Did she die and was not reported? Did she relocate for safety prior to this day? Was she there but saved? Or maybe she never lived to 6 at all? She's currently untraceable.