Holiday Times are Here!

So, last week I recorded a video blog for you. In the end I was never quite happy with the many, many, many takes so have opted to not post it... not yet at least. However, this left me very quiet on my side. Here's what has been happening. There has been some work with designers resulting in a new logo for Relative Theory Genealogy, as well as new flyers and marketing. If you've seen them let me know what you think. Later, I'll let you in on little secrets going on further behind the scenes of two different community projects. Meanwhile, I have attended quite a few events where I was meeting people I've met for the first time. Imagine my surprise but absolute joy to find that they know all about Relative Theory Genealogy and the projects I work on. They have an attachment to the family stories they've seen me post about just as much as I do. By far the most popular and beloved family is that of John Nuttall. I've always spoke of him as the 'orphan boy' but his story did develop into more and is nowhere near complete. People seem to keep asking me about him. I will get an update to the family soon and allow them to decide on what to share. I've also contributed new hot-off-the-press flyers to Carolyn Randell for her Halloween and Christmas disco's in support of her 2016 London Marathon for The Mental Health Foundation. While there is still a stigma attached to the mental health issues we face today I often find those ideas confront me when I find it in someone's family past. I wish her a ton of luck on the race and thank her for being a part of helping this charity. Last, as the title says the holiday times are here! Yes, I know it's only October 7th. October is the beginnning of the holiday excitement for me. Every since I was a child I knew if I just waited until October the fun would start. You know, outside of the fun of a school-free summer and spring break.

(Of course it helps that my own birthday falls in this time of year too.) So why should you care how my childhood excitement plays out today? I start offering specials, deals and discounts and there is likely to be one you don't want to miss. Keep your eyes peeled the first offer is coming soon. Now that I've caught you all up on the silence on this end, back to work !