How long did you say?

Good Morning! If you celebrated Thanksgiving last week I hope you had a wonderful time with your family. And Happy St Andrew's day to those families in Scotland! Today, I wanted to address a question I've heard a lot the last week or two. "How long will it take to research my family?" Wouldn't it be fantastic if I could just tell everyone 'give me an hour'? The truth is though it's not a possibility for an hour to be a catch-all answer. In fact, there is not a catch-all answer of any time. There are some considerations with each request, such as:

  • What your specific request is?

  • What are you looking to gain from the research?

  • How far and how wide do you want your history researched?

  • Is it a just your genealogy? or your family history you want?

  • Are there any additions, such as duplicate prints or books?

  • What style of presentation are you choosing?

  • How much background information have you provided?

  • How common is the family name(s)?

  • How much time you contract with your chosen researcher?

  • Your researcher's experience, education and availability.

  • The records available at the locations your family lived.

  • Access options for the locations (such as travel or opening hours)

These are just the tip of what determines the length of time it will take to research your family. In addition, there are administrative hours behind the research. All things to consider when you hire a professional.

I offer one package that is time limited, the starter project. All other packages are dictated by your request. I will suggest the average amount of research time to help you determine how much time to contract. To further help you understand the length of time please review my Rate of Discovery page.