Genealogy Starter Project

5-Generation Lineal BMD Genealogy Starter Project 

Research for : 

  • up to 4 generations (up to 30 people)

  • in the direct bloodline only

Gaining :

  • names, places and dates

  • of births, marriages and deaths

Resulting in a 5-Generation Starter tree!
(The Certificate Holder would be the 5th generation.)

Presented in an unframed, unwrapped canvas print,
a digital copy and supplied with all supporting evidence.





If you have chosen to purchase the  starter project  using the  'Buy Now' please be sure to contact me to discuss your project details. 

Note: This is limited to birth, marriage and death information only. Supporting evidence limited to required items only at the discretion of the researcher. Limited to 6 hours of research. There is no guarantee that the information will be discovered.The results of genealogy research can not be guaranteed by any researcher. While every effort will be made in some cases the information is not available. The client is responsible for any additional fees. Terms and conditions apply.


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